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Office Installations and Office Furniture Removal London

Terms and Conditions

We like to be as transparent as possible with all of our customers, we would therefore like to draw your attention to clause 8 where we set out Installify’s liability to you and in particular where it may be limited.

  1. These Terms

1.1 What These Terms Cover.

These are our terms and conditions (Terms) on which we supply the Services to you as a Business Customer.

1.2 Why You Should Read These Terms.

Please read these Terms carefully before you submit your enquiry to us. These Terms include, but are not limited to, explaining who Installify are, the services We shall provide to you under the Contract between you and us.

1.3 Definitions Used In These Terms.

Installify/Our/Us/We: refers to Wrebel Ltd. whose further details are provided at clause 2.1.

Installify Quote: the quote given to you by Installify in accordance with clause 2.5.1 together with any additional charges as set out in clause 2.5.4 for the requested services.

Installify Site: our website, which can be found at www.installify.co.uk.

Basic Compensation Cover: is insurance cover:

  1. up to £50,000 including for fire & full theft (full theft is the theft of all of your goods that We are transporting); and
  2. limited up to £100 cover per individual item (and limited to an aggregate total of £50,000); and
  3. included in the Price for every enquiry.

Business Customer/you/your: you are a Business Customer if you are entering into this agreement for provision of the Services in respect of your business, trade, craft or profession.

Comprehensive Inventory List: a full and complete list of all items and inventory to be transported by us.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover: comprehensive insurance cover covers against physical loss or damage to your goods which can be taken out in accordance with clause 9.3.

Contract: a binding contract incorporating these Terms is created between you and Us when we have provided you with an Installify Quote and you have confirmed that you wish to proceed with the Installify Quote.

Customer Care Team: Our dedicated Customer Care Team whose details are set out at clause 2.2.

Insurer: Hiscox Insurance Plc.

Job Number: upon placing your order, Installify will assign you a Job Number.

Job Sheet: the job sheet provided as confirmation that the “job” (Services) was completed, and Services were provided to a satisfactory standard.

Price: the price payable by you to Us for the Services which is based on the Installify Quote together with any agreed amendment which has been accepted by you.

Private Customer/you/your: you are a Private Customer if you are an individual and you are entering into an agreement for the provision of the Services wholly or mainly for you personally and not for use in connection with your trade, business, craft or profession.

Services: the transportation of goods services provided by Us in accordance with these Terms.

Special Inventory List: a comprehensive list of items which is pre-agreed by us in writing, to be transported by us that fall within the following categories:

  1. Vehicles including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds and any other motorized vehicle; or
  2. Pianos.

Transport Provider: Installify’s sub-contractors who may at Installify’s discretion undertake the Services on its behalf.

Urgent Booking: an order placed with less than forty-eight hours’ notice.

Van Size: this refers to the option on the enquiry form which allows you to choose the size of van required to transport your goods based on your own calculations, this is opposed to or in addition to a Comprehensive Inventory List and Special Items List.

Volume Size: this refers to the option on the Booking Request Form when requesting an Hourly Rate Job which allows you to choose the volume of the goods that you wish to have transported, in cubic meters or cubic feet, as opposed to or in addition to a Comprehensive Inventory List and Special Items List.

A reference to writing or written includes email, live chat and post.

  1. Information About And How To Contact Installify


2.1 Who Installify Are.

We are Installify Limited, a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 10368459 and our registered office is at 34-40 High Street Wanstead, London, E11 2RJ. Our registered VAT number is GB 255490883.

2.2 How To Contact Installify.

You can contact Our Customer Care Team by:

  1. Telephone 020 7632 7573;
  2. post: Installify, 2nd Floor, The Boutique Workplace Company, 29 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5RN;
  3. email: [email protected]; or
  4. visiting the Installify Site.

2.3 How Installify Will Contact You.

If We have to contact you, We will do so by telephone, in writing to the email or postal address provided in your enquiry or by text message to the mobile number provided in your enquiry.

2.4 Business Customers.

  1. If you have confirmed that you are a Business Customer (non-Private Customer) by clicking ‘I am a business customer’ on your Booking Request Form when you enter into the Contract with Installify in accordance with these Terms, it will be on the basis that Installify are acting as ’principal’. Just to explain some of the legal jargon, a “principal” means that We will be providing the services or will, at Our discretion, subcontract the Services to one of Our Transport Providers but we will always remain responsible for the performance of the Services to you. If we sub-contract the Services, references in these Terms to “drivers”, “vehicles” etc will be to those drivers and vehicles etc of our sub-contractors. This Contract governs your relationship with Installify.
  2. All of Our Transport Providers are verified by Us and provide Us with requested documentation.

2.5 The Installify Quote.

  1. Installify will supply you with a quote which shall reflect the information provided by you when you make your enquiry. The quote will vary depending upon when the Services are requested and the desired collection and/or completion date.
  2. Installify will accept Edits to the Services ordered by you up until 8.00am on the day prior to the Services are required. Edits made after this 8.00am cut off time may be accepted by Us at Our sole discretion, and you may incur additional charges in relation to such changes. If on arrival at the address provided by you, We cannot gain access to the premises and you are uncontactable by telephone (using the number provided by you on your order. We shall be entitled at our discretion to cease provision of the Services and/or cancel the Services if you cannot be reached and access gained within 15 minutes. In this case, you shall not be entitled to receive a refund of any sums paid to Installify and all sums that you have not yet paid to Us shall become immediately due and payable.
  3. If We arrive at the final destination for the delivery of the goods and are unable to deliver those goods after 15 minutes (or 30 minutes when undertaking property removals) then Installify shall be entitled to charge a storage fee per day. If after ninety days the goods still remain within Our possession then Installify shall be entitled to sell the goods or deal with them as Installify think reasonable.
  4. Additional charges may apply if the Services required are materially different to those in the Booking Request Form. If this is the case, We shall have the right to terminate the Contract.
  5. Fees or taxes payable to any government bodies (if moving goods abroad), customs duties or port storage charges are not included in your Installify Quote. Installify is not responsible for such costs.

2.6 If Installify Does Not Accept Your order.

If Installify is unable to undertake the Services, or decides not to accept your order you will be notified as soon as possible in writing or by telephone. Accepting your order is at Installify’s discretion.

2.7 Your Job Number.

Upon confirming your Booking Request, Installify will assign and notify you of the Job Number allocated to your Booking. Please reference this number when contacting Installify.

  1. Services and Our Contract With You

3.1 Your Booking.

As set out above, Installify will supply you with an Installify Quote dependent on your requirements notified in your enquiry. The information you provide on the enquiry is used to produce the Installify Quote Any alteration to the information supplied on the Enquiry may subsequently alter the Price.

3.2 Services.

  1. Installify will arrive at the address provided by you and on the date agreed in your Booking or any subsequent date and time notified by you to us and agreed in writing by Installify. Please note that any proposed change to the date and time that the Services are to be provided may result in a change to the Price, which will be notified to you in advance of the Services being undertaken.
  2. Installify will load and deliver only the goods agreed in the Comprehensive Inventory List and if applicable the Special Inventory List. Installify is not liable for goods loaded that were not included in your Comprehensive Inventory List; or for any miscalculations in relation to Volume Size or Van Size on your Booking Request Form.
  3. Please note that if you wish to make any changes to the Booking, including on the day that the Services are undertaken, all payments must be made to Installify, our drivers including any Transport Providers are not authorised to accept any payments directly.
  4. Installify will deliver your goods in the same condition as they were in when packed or made ready for transportation. If Installify fails under this clause 3.24 please see clause 8 for information on liability for loss or damage. If you (acting reasonably) believe that damage to your goods was caused by Installify, written notification including genuine evidence of the damage and loss of value is required within thirty days of the Services being completed. Outside of this time frame, Installify is not liable. Our liability will be determined in accordance with clause 8.
  5. The Installify Quote shall include moving costs, driver costs and fuel unless otherwise stated. Please review the Installify Site and contact our Customer Care Team for detail of additional services and the prices of any additional services Installify can offer.
  6. Installify reserves the right for environmentally friendly reasons to deliver the goods in a van containing other customer goods so as to pool resources and limit pollution.
  7. Any estimated delivery times or live tracking information given by Installify or a Partner is for guidance only and should not be relied upon.

3.3 Services Installify Do Not Provide.

  1. Installify will not do anything to put our drivers (or those of our Transport Providers) in danger. For example, We will not enter any premises unless properly lit, floored and where safe access is provided.
  2. In order to adhere to permits and insurance, Installify will not transport animals or people, unless agreed by Installify in writing prior to your Booking Request being accepted.
  3. Installify will not agree to do anything where We do not have the requisite qualifications.
  4. Installify will not transport illegal, stolen or dangerous goods. This includes goods that in our reasonable opinion present potential danger to our vehicles and/or staff, any other assets or goods that require specialist knowledge or equipment to transport. We are within our rights to destroy, dispose of, and to charge you additional costs incurred should we transport any such goods without our knowledge. Installify shall report such goods to the relevant authorities where required to do so.
  5. Installify will only transport goods that require special licenses or government permissions if you have all required documentation. Installify requires advance warning and agreement in writing to transport such goods. Installify will not accept any liability for loss or damage to any such goods and you will be liable for any loss suffered by Installify for transporting such goods without prior written agreement of Installify and/or without Our knowledge. You will indemnify Installify in full for any charges, expenses, damages or penalties claimed against us. Installify may, at Our sole discretion, destroy or dispose of such goods for which you will be liable for the costs.
  6. Installify will not store any goods other than in accordance with clause 8.8 and clause 10 unless previously agreed in writing prior to or at the time of Booking unless subsequently agreed by Installify in writing. Additional charges apply for storage of goods and vary depending on duration.
  7. Installify will not dismantle or assemble any furniture unless previously agreed in writing prior to or at the time of Booking or subsequently agreed by Installify in writing.
  8. For the avoidance of doubt, our drivers shall not be obligated to drive for longer than nine hours per day. It is at our discretion if Services are provided for longer, however, ensuring the safety and well-being of our drivers and complying with legislation is of utmost importance.

3.4 Additional Services

  1. Installify may supply additional services (which must be booked through Installify) which include but are not limited to; Comprehensive Insurance Cover, packing, disassembly and reassembly of goods, storage, enclosed transportation for vehicles.
  2. For further details and to book of additional services, please visit Our Installify Site, or speak with one of Our Customer Care Team on 020 7632 7573. If you decide to book such additional services they will be covered by these Terms.

3.5 The Service Provider.

Installify Transport Providers are approved by our dedicated transport provider management team and are assessed by the Installify team for suitability and eligibility. If all or any of the Services are sub-contracted to one of our Transport Providers, then references to “We”, “Us”, “Our” and Installify will be deemed as appropriate to include reference to such Transport Provider.

  1. Customer Obligations

4.1 By entering into the Contract you must comply with the following obligations. If you fail to comply with these obligations, Installify is not liable to you for any losses incurred.

  1. You must guarantee that all goods transported belong to you and that if anyone has legal interest in the goods, you have their permission to transport them.
  2. You must provide Installify with your current telephone number and email address. If these contact details were to change, you must let Us know immediately. Correct and precise addresses for pickup and delivery locations are compulsory.

Advise Installify in advance of how many floors there are at both the pickup and delivery locations and if service lifts are available.

  1. Accessibility information for both pickup and delivery locations is compulsory at the time of Booking. This includes but is not limited to attic conversions, spiral staircases, door and window widths.
  2. You will be present or represented upon collection, loading, unloading and delivery of your goods.
  3. Upon delivery, Installify will either ask you to sign a delivery note which sets out what goods have been collected, transported and delivered. It is identified by the specific Job Number given to you at the time of ordering. You need to sign as confirmation that the Services were provided to a satisfactory standard, if no signature is available we will assume the contract has been completed satisfactorily.
  4. Fridge freezers must be defrosted (Installify is not liable for their contents) and all other appliances must be completely dry with no residual fluid.
  5. All furniture must be empty unless an additional packing service, has been Booked.
  6. An accurate list of goods for transportation is required (Comprehensive Inventory List and if applicable a Special Items List). Amendments can be made but additional charges may apply.
  7. All goods must be suitably packed prior to our arrival. A full packing service is available at an additional cost. Please visit the Installify Site or contact our Customer Care Team for details of the additional cost.
  8. All payments must be made in accordance with this agreement and all overdue payments will incur interest on a daily basis that is calculated at 5% per annum above the base rate of Bank of England.
  9. Cancellation & Postponement

5.1 Consumers Statutory Cancellation Right.

As you are a Business Customer, the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 are not applicable the Contract.

5.2 Postponement & Cancellation By The Customer.

If you wish to postpone or cancel the Contract please notify us, in writing as soon as possible. All postponement and cancellation charges are charged as follows:

  1. Domestic
    1. If a Domestic Service is booked and Installify receives notice in writing  more than forty eight hours before the day the Services

5.3 Cancellation By Installify.

  1. If you breach any term of this Contract then Installify is entitled to terminate the Contract.
  2. If Installify is unable to perform the Services agreed upon Booking, whether through its own fault or as a result of something outside of our control then Installify will notify you as soon as possible in writing or by telephone.


5.4 Refunds:

  1. If Installify cancels the Contract in accordance with clause 5.3 2 then you are entitled to a full refund.
  2. If you cancel the Contract in accordance with these Terms, money that is due to be refunded to you will be transferred within five working days of our Customer Care Team receiving a written request for a Refund. Installify require confirmation of your bank account details within five days of submitting the request to us by email. The request must be submitted no later than seven days after the date when notification that you are cancelling the Contract was sent.

5.5 Liability For Loss Or Damage

5.5 1 Installify shall have no liability to you for any reason whatsoever, outside of our insurance details including negligence for any loss or damage to any of your goods or premises or any other loss suffered by you arising out of the Contract other than in accordance with this clause.7. Unless previously agreed in writing

5.5 2 Installify’s total liability to you for all claims for loss or damage to your premises or property (other than the goods) in connection with the Contract, is limited to the lower of the cost of repairing the damaged area or a sum of £1,000 (one thousand pounds) and it will only be liable to repair the damaged area.

5.5 .3 Installify is only liable to you for loss or damage under clause 7.1 subject to you producing satisfactory evidence that such loss or damage was caused by us and not by you or a third party. In order for us to consider whether such evidence is satisfactory, you must notify us within seven days of any loss or damage and provide the relevant photographic/video evidence you are relying on. In respect of any damage, we will require photos of the damage caused at the time of the alleged incident and proof that the item was not in any way damaged previously.

Should you decide to help our Transport Provider with the moving, packing, loading or unloading of any goods, or travel with the Transport Provider in a vehicle, you do so at your sole risk and we shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of such actions.


5.6 Installify is not liable for:

  1. Damage caused as a result of your actions and/or your breach of these terms.
  2. Perishable items, including but not limited to food and drink.
  3. Damage caused by moths or vermin or any other infestation.
  4. Damage caused by fire.
  5. Damage caused to any furniture packed and/or unpacked by you or a third party.
  6. Normal wear and tear.
  7. Goods loaded and/or unloaded against our advice.
  8. Damage to any goods or premises not caused by us.
  9. Damage or loss caused by you or a third party when packing, loading or unloading them on and/or off our vehicles or otherwise.
  10. Installify do not transport live animals or plants unless agreed and appropriately organised upon booking. Installify is not liable for harm caused to live animals or plants transported with or without our knowledge.
  11. Damage to your electrical goods (unless you can provide evidence that such damage was as a result of our negligence).
  12. Loss incurred if any of your goods were already damaged or had an inherent defect.
  13. Damage if any of your goods are susceptible to damage including but not limited to breakage, internal spoilage, leakage, malfunctions.
  14. Damage to any collections or documentation including but not limited to stamps, coins, gemstones, share certificates, deeds to properties.
  15. Personal items including but not limited to jewellery, handbags, clothes and hats, unless properly packed and included in the Comprehensive Inventory List.
  16. Any business loss whatsoever. We shall not be liable to you whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss of profit, or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with any Contract between us; and our total liability to you for all other losses arising under or in connection with this agreement or any Contract arising under it, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall be limited as set out in clause 8.2.
  17. Loss or damage which occurs after the goods have been delivered to you or your representative.
  18. Loss or damage not caused by us or our employees, subcontractors or agents.
  19. Loss which is not reasonably foreseeable.
  20. Damage caused to your goods which are held by us in accordance with clause 8.9 and clause 10.


5.7 Events Outside Of Our Control.

Installify is not liable for any damage or loss if any of the below occur:

  1. Acts of God, including but not limited to flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster;
  2. Epidemic or pandemic;
  3. Acts of war, threat or preparation for war, riot, nuclear or chemical containment, change in the law or action taken by a government or public authority, collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident and any labour or trade dispute, strikes industrial action or lockouts;
  4. Delay in transit;
  5. Any events which can reasonably be considered outside of our control.
  1. We will not exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or liability which under the laws of England  and Wales may not be limited or excluded.
  2. None of our employees or subcontractors including our Transport Providers,      are independently liable for any loss, damage, mis-delivery, errors or omissions under this Contract
  3. Complaints

Complaints About Our Services.

If you have any complaints about the Services, please contact our Customer Care Team who will endeavour to review your complaint and make any necessary actions within seven days of the complaint being received.

  1. How We May Use Your Personal Information

7.1 Your Personal Information.

We will use the personal information you provide to us:

  1. to Our Subcontractors (including Our Transport Providers) for the purposes of undertaking the Services;
  2. to process your payment for the Services;
  3. if you agreed upon booking the Services, to give you information about similar services that We provide.

Please read our privacy policy to fully understand how we use your data.

7.2 We will only give your personal information to other third parties where the law either requires or allows us to do so.

  1. Other Important Terms

8.1 Transferring This Agreement To Someone Else.

We may transfer our rights and obligations under the Contract to another organization and We may subcontract any of our rights and obligations under it without notice to you. Installify will ensure that the transfer will not affect your rights under the Contract.

8.2 Transferring Your Rights.

You may only transfer your rights or obligations under the Contract to another person if Installify agree to this in advance in writing.

8.3 Rights Under This Contract.

The Contract is between you and Installify. No other person has rights to enforce any of its Terms unless expressly provided for in these Terms.

8.4 The Law And The Contract.

Each clause of these Terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining clauses remain in full effect.

8.5 Enforcing The Contract.

If We do not enforce these Terms immediately, or if you break the Contract and We delay taking steps against you, that will not prevent us taking steps against you at a later date.

8.6 Applicable Laws To The Contract.

The Contract is governed by English law whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any legal proceedings in connection with it.


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