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Office Pod Relocation Services

Relocating office pods can be a complex process, as it involves careful planning, coordination, and skilled labour to ensure that the pods are dismantled, transported, and reassembled correctly.

Depending on the make of office pod, warranties need to be taken into consideration, electrical connections, network infrastructure, and other factors also need to be considered during the relocation process.


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ISO Accreditations

Need a hand relocating your office pods?

We at installify have trained certified experts to dismatle and relocate your office pods and booths within the office, building or to a new location. The team bring a wide range of system furniture experience and expertise to every project.


  • Dismantling and Packing

    Properly disassembling the office pods, ensuring all components are carefully labelled, packed, and protected for transportation. We can maintain the warranty if it is still valid.

  • Transportation

    Arranging for the safe transport of the disassembled office pods to the new location. This might involve logistics planning, secure packaging, and transportation vehicles.
  • Reassembly

    Our skilled fitters would reassemble the office pods at the new location, ensuring all components are aligned and connected. This might include reestablishing electrical connections, network cabling, and any other technical components.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    Ensuring all office pod components function properly after reassembly. This could involve checking for any structural, electrical, or networking issues.

  • Customization

    If modifications or adjustments are needed to fit the new office layout, Installify can provide a quote for pod customisation to your requirements and the new office layout.
  • Project Management

    Coordinating the entire relocation process, including scheduling, communication, and oversight of the entire project.

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