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Ethical Disposal

Ethical disposal of packaging, excess and redundant workplace furniture is a problem for many businesses and local authorities.

We at installify provide an ethical disposal service that meets the highest standards in environmental sustainability in the form of recycling by certified specialist companies and reuse by charitable organisations.

Working in partnership with our supplier, Installify are able provide a structured process for ethical disposal and recycling of packaging waste and used furniture.

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ISO Accreditations

Responsible waste management

On completion of all our installations, our team clear the site of all waste to ensure you are ready to knuckle down and get straight to work.

We responsibly sort all packaging waste to ensure it can be re-used or recycled. All old furniture can be removed and taken apart for recycling or paased on to charities who have a wishlist.

This is what we do with the most common packaging waste

  •  Plastic bags - re-used or recylcled into new products
  •  Polysterene - re-used or compressed and sold
  •  Foam - chopped up and re-formed and re-used
  •  Cardboard compressed and recycled
  •  Blue protection foam - re-used to protect the next product


  • Responsible Waste Management

    The annual uptick in landfill tax signals a growing financial burden on waste disposal and paints a less-than-ideal picture for us all. Embracing sustainable waste management shields your budget and cultivates a positive image, ensuring you stay ahead in an environmentally aware marketplace.
  • Polysterene

    Polystyrene is collected, then compressed into large logs which are then taken for recycling. The recycled polystyrene is then turned into other products like composite decking boards which is a high quality and durable alternative to traditional timber.
  • Aluminium and Steel

    Metal is segregated from other materials in furniture through the utilization of handheld power tools. The primary metals employed in the construction of office furniture are aluminium and steel. These metals are recyclable multiple times, underscoring the crucial need to prevent their disposal in landfills.
  • What Happens to Wood When Recycled?

    Various board types undergo diverse recycling processes, whether melamine-faced chipboard, medium-density fiberboard, or pure timber. A significant percentage of recycled wood finds purpose in a substantial Biomass boiler, generating energy and contributing to heating solutions. Another portion of the wood undergoes shredding, eventually serving as cosy animal bedding. The journey of recycled timber comes full circle as it returns to one of our primary UK panel suppliers.
  • Recycling Foam

    The foam extracted from obsolete furniture undergoes separation from other materials, receives cleaning if required, and is subsequently baled. This foam is versatile; it can be shredded, glued, pressed, and transformed into carpet underlay. Notably, our partner embraced true circularity by instituting a take-back program with their foam supplier. This initiative ensures that the reclaimed foam is reprocessed by the supplier, completing a full circle in product life, exemplifying genuine circularity.
  • Used Fabrics

    The foam extracted from decommissioned furniture undergoes a meticulous process – it's separated from other materials, undergoes a thorough cleaning if required, and is subsequently compacted into bales. This versatile foam has the potential to be shredded, bonded, pressed, and transformed into high-quality carpet underlay.

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