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Furnish, Recycle, Repeat: The Sustainability Effort

Furnish, Recycle, Repeat: The Sustainability Effort

Reducing the environmental impact is one of the core principles behind Installify. Which is why we are teaming up with some of the most pioneering suppliers on the correct side of sustainability.

The Senator Group is one such provider; in 2009 they acquired a 15000 square foot recycling centre for repurposing packaging and old furniture into raw materials through its ‘Sustain’ program.

With a global reach and a reputation for great furniture the brand stands out for its constant innovations. Their i-Workchair 2.0 for example uses a knitted cover made from recycled plastic yarn, reducing plastic waste with every cushion. And the expansion of using recycled packaging continues to other products, such as the Axyl chair which celebrates recycled material as part of its aesthetic.

With ‘Sustain’, production uses less virgin material and becomes part of a sustainable ecosystem while reducing waste.

The Sustain-able ecosystem

The effort to minimise environmental impact begins with a transportation system known as back-load. ‘Sustain’ furniture deliveries are linked to collections of redundant units keeping trucks running efficiently and at capacity to and from local destinations.


Packaging material is sorted and any polystyrene in good order is marked with a dot and reused to protect new furniture.

Salvageable units are recommissioned and passed on to the “Sustain WishList”, the charity support wing, helping cash strapped organisations with their furnishing needs. The “WishList” operates at a local level adding value to schools, charities, and small business with timely donations.


The materials are further sorted into:


Used polystyrene is a notorious material for recycling. Most often, it just lands in the landfill. If sorted and kept dry, polystyrene is compressed into condensed logs that are then passed on to make plastic decking boards.The materials are further sorted into:


Panels in reasonable order are sent back to the supplier be introduced back into the manufacturing process.


Are separated into types and granulated into pellets to be used in the production of other products and components.


Foam is swapped back with the manufacturer to be processed into foam products.


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