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Keeping Your Pods Productive: A Guide to Office Pod Servicing in the Hybrid Workplace

Keeping Your Pods Productive: A Guide to Office Pod Servicing in the Hybrid Workplace

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Office Pod Servicing

The hybrid office is here to stay, and with it, the rising popularity of office pods and booths. These havens of privacy and focus offer invaluable employee benefits, allowing them to escape distractions and dive deep into work. But like any valuable asset, your office pods need proper care to function optimally and stay inviting. That's where Installify's office pod servicing comes in.

Why Office Pod Servicing Matters:

Think of regular servicing as an investment in your pod's longevity and your employees' well-being. 

It helps your business:

Extend the lifespan of your pods: Carrying out proper cleaning and maintenance reduces wear and tear, ensuring your office pods stay functional and inviting for years to come.

Protect your investment: Early detection and prevention of office pod failures can save your business money from costly repairs or replacements.

Ensure optimal air quality and hygiene: Scheduling deep cleaning keeps your pods germ-free and promotes a healthy working environment for your workforce. Regular ventilation system cleaning ensures it's dust-free and a healthy fresh air flow.  

Prevent technical issues and downtime: Regular office pod maintenance catches minor problems before they become significant disruptions to your office workflow.

Maintain a professional and inviting workspace: Clean, well-maintained pods create a positive impression on employees and visitors alike.

What's Included in Typical Servicing:

Regular office pod servicing typically includes:

Deep cleaning and disinfection of surfaces: Walls, floors, furniture, and technology are thoroughly sanitized to eliminate germs and dust.

Air filter replacement and ventilation system checks: Clean filters ensure clean air circulation and airflow, while system checks prevent potential problems.


Technology maintenance: Lighting, power outlets, and internet connectivity are tested and fixed if needed.

Furniture checks and minor repairs: Loose screws, worn upholstery, and other minor issues are addressed.

Restocking consumables: Whiteboard markers, cleaning supplies, and other essentials are replenished.

Additional Services to Consider:

Beyond the basics, installify offer additional services like:

Refurbishment and customization: Breathe new life into your pods with privacy manifestations, paint touch-ups for scratches, seating reupholstery, or custom features like adding a monitor bracket where possible.

Relocation and reconfiguration: Need to rearrange your office layout? Installify's professional Pod Relocation Service ensures smooth office pod relocating and setup.

24/7 emergency support: Enjoy peace of mind knowing critical repairs can be addressed quickly, minimizing downtime. Installify has a dedicated service team to maintain your pods and booths on-site.

Branded Privacy Manifestation on Work PodBranded Privacy Manifestation on Work Pod
Branded Privacy Manifestation on Work Pod

Frequency of Servicing:

The ideal servicing frequency depends on several factors, including pod usage, occupancy, and environment.

However, as a general guideline:

High-traffic pods: Weekly or fortnightly cleaning and monthly maintenance.

Moderate-use pods: Bi-weekly to monthly cleaning and quarterly maintenance.

Low-use pods: Monthly cleaning and twice-yearly maintenance.

Remember, flexibility is key. Installify can work to a schedule that fits your requirements, and don't hesitate to ask us for advice.

Why choose Installify as your dedicated pod servicing specialist:

When you choose Installify you get the following professional service:

Experience with office pods: Installify has a proven track record in servicing many popular office pod brands. These include Framery, Hush, JDD Penelope, Orangebox Air3 pods, Buzzinest and Koplus models.

Trained Specialists: All Installify engineers possess the relevant training for cleaning, disinfection, and electrical work on office pods.

Comprehensive service offering: Installify caters to all office pod needs, from basic cleaning to advanced maintenance of your pod model.

Responsiveness and communication: Clear communication and prompt response times are crucial for addressing issues efficiently and reducing downtime.

Competitive pricing and transparency: At Installify, we provide precise quotes. After assessing your pod, our engineer will relay the problem, and an email quote will be provided for approval before work commencing. 

Regular office pod servicing is an investment that pays off in numerous ways. Ensuring your office pods are clean, well-maintained, and functional creates a productive and healthy workspace for your employees, ultimately contributing to higher engagement and efficiency. Remember, regular care keeps your office pods productive, just like they keep your employees focused.

Ready to keep your pods performing at their best? Contact Installify, a qualified office pod servicing provider, today for a consultation!


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